What will be your top 5 advice for Indian youth in 2020?

2020 is the end of the decade, but it is not different from other years. But it is different for different people specially our youth. This age is the most curious age in everyone life. This age can bring a huge roller-coaster in your life. At this stage people need to know the right path to choose because the path you choose will stuck along with you till the end.   


Among the world India has the highest suicide rate up to  17% of worldwide suicides. And what is the reason behind these suicides? The main reason is depression and what cause depression, we all know that is expectations, work load, change of people in life, and many more. But this article is about what we can do in 2020 to change all of this.

1. It's OK to feel Lost.

When everything happens at the same time, you just need to calm down and chill. 

You feel lost because everything you are preparing has come to fruition. And you don’t want to do it anymore. 

But you need to realize that you don’t have to solve everything in life, You are still young and have lot’s of time to fix things. 

2. People come and go, but the right one always stay.

It is life, having people in life(friends, love, etc.), but they leave you after sometime and it is okay. In happy moment everyone joins you, but if we reverse the situations, you will realize only those will stay who really love you. Now decide yourself what kind of people matter more. It’s okay to let people go, you again meet new people and same story repeats, but right one stays till the end. 

3. NO is a very important word.

At the age between 15-21 everyone tries to pull you in different direction as they like. 

Parents want you to live according them, friends want you to be like them, gf/bf wants you to live up on their expectations. And finally which direction you want to go is totally different from all above.

It is a total war down here. So it is necessary to say “NO”, you will finally able to free yourself from every burden you are carrying on. You are not letting anybody down if you stay true to yourself.

4. It's okay to fail.

Understand one thing that failure is not the end of life. It is the beginning of the success. Mistakes are the proof that you are trying. If you don’t fail, you don’t not learn, is you don’t learn, you don’t change.

“You can be a failure but not a quitter.” 

5. Life would be pretty boring if you figured all out.

Stuff gets more exciting when you try to figured it out, but once you have it will not be excited anymore. 

So it is good that you don’t know things. Let go of worrying about the future. Concentrate on being in the here and know and life will be more fulfilling. 

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