What are the secrets of being likable?

You have to know the secrets of being likable because likable people tend to be more productive, more creative, more connected and happier than others.

If you want to be likable, remember one thing, you can’t be liked by everyone. You don’t need to make everyone like you. It’s okay that you are not likable but one thing you can do is not to hurt anyone.

Everyone wants to be likable but accidentally they do some mistakes and people turn against them. So what to be likable.

Likable people are genuine

Likable people never try to be someone they are not, they are genuine and have a pure heart. If they don’t know something, they admit and try to know that thing, they ask you questions. They never try to be over smart.

Likable people don’t judge

Likable people don’t judge people, because they know everyone has different choices and they respect people. They don’t waste their time on finding faults in others.

Likable people are about adding value

Likable people try to find positive in people instead of negative ones. They serve others, they help people by not expecting something in return. That’s why people like and admire them.

 likable people

Likable people don’t need to be center of attention

People are more interested to be the center of attention. But what likable people do, they stay out of this attention as they know they don’t have to be the one who speaks all the time. They observe the situation and if necessary they speak. It is the quality of smart people.

Likable people are trustworthy

Trust is the most and superior quality of being a good person. Likable people have this quality, people come to them and share their secrets and trust them that they don’t say it to anyone.

Likable people know how to connect

Remembering names can tell that you know someone and that person is not random to you. Secrets to being likable are Likable people remember people’s names, names are the core part of people’s identity, and when you call them by saying their name, this will put a smile on their name. When you smile, you are able to exude warmth and people lower their guard around you and frankly they like you.

Likable people don’t make comparisons

Sometimes when you relate someone, you accidentally make the comparisons. The comparison doesn’t like by people, it, unfortunately, insults them.

“Don’t compare, just allow to share.”

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