What are the craziest things that Introverts do?

We all know that to avoid spending any more time with people than is necessary, introverts do some pretty weird and crazy things.

It’s not because they’re mean, though.

Unlike extroverts, introverts feel drained when they have to interact with others.

1. Making the best excuses.

execuses introverts give

Sometimes it’s better to make up an excuse than to go to some birthday or family reunion and see people you don’t like. So you pretend to be ill or say that you are already going to the funeral of your granny’s rabbit. Introverts will use the full power of their creativity to make up the best excuses for not going to social gatherings.

2. They keep secrets even from people closest to them

introverts keep secrets

Ultimately, extreme introverts are their own best friends.

They’re so secretive that they can’t even confide in their own computer or diary.

3. They haven’t been to parties or big events in years

introverts don't attend  parties

Hardcore introverts can’t even remember the last time they went out to celebrate someone else’s birthday.

It’s just not something that brings them enjoyment, like it does for other people.

4. They feel strongly happy when their friends suddenly cancel on them.

As introverts, they love to spend time on their own. However, sometimes they want to leave their comfort zone and go hang out with people, especially if they are their closest friends. While such meetings may not happen very often, when they do, they may be truly waiting for the opportunity to spend some time with those special people. Even the most introverted among them crave strong friendships.

They often feel so relieved and happy when the plans are suddenly canceled. This is something they keep to themselves; they’ll never tell their friends that their last-minute text is actually a piece of good news!

5. They always check online before they make a call

always check call introvert

Why call when they can write? As an introvert, they try to apply this rule in any situation. At work, if their manager needs some information and asks them to call a colleague in another department, they never do. Instead, they try to find a way to send an email or text message. Sometimes if their manager gets impatient: “So have you found out about ___?” That’s when they might tell a white lie, saying, “Nobody picked up, so I had to write an email.”

There are indeed situations when a call is inevitable, but in most cases, this trick works. The same thing works for other services. There’s almost always a way to get in contact via a company’s website chat bot or contact form. Less stress — happier introvert!

6. Changing the direction when seeing an acquaintance in the street.

Imagine that you are walking down the street and suddenly see your classmate or a colleague. You will probably greet them, say a couple of nice things and continue with your route.

But if an introvert is lucky enough to notice an acquaintance before they notice them, they will do everything for the sake of avoiding this uncomfortable encounter. Hiding, covering their face or even turning in the opposite direction. Isn’t it much easier to walk an extra couple of miles than to be trapped in an awkward chat with someone you don’t like? Well, it certainly is so for introverts.

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