10 weirdest things that are common in India.

Weirdest things that are common in India: India has been one of the foremost exciting emerging-market economies in recent decades.

But its large population combined with the fast economic process has additionally created lots of uncommon challenges associated with paperwork, infrastructure, and crime.

And all of this has collided with India’s distinctive and colorful culture.

1. Folks induce labor to deliver babies at auspicious times.

Weirdest things common in india

Superstitious folks in Asian country area unit familiar to have c-sections, or to arrange ahead and induce labor at times that area unit thought of auspicious. Some Hindus believe that being born at an exact time can hire a child’s future.

2. Tens of thousands of youngsters area unit utilized in its amenable coal mines.

Weirdest things that are common in india

An Indian non-profit believes that 70,000 kid miners illicitly work the coal mines in only 1 a part of the country known as Anti Hills. Folks typically send their kids to the mines rather than college since they become a supply of financial gain.

3. Termites feast on the money.

Termites Greek deity through ten million rupees ($222,000) at the Father branch of banking concern of Asian country last year.

4. Folks place up photos of deities on building walls to forestall public elimination.

Nearly five-hundredths of India’s population is claimed to not have a bathroom reception and public voiding could be a large downside. BBC journalist Rahul Tendon wrote a couple of home wherever folks had place up photos of Indian deities to forestall folks from urinating on their walls.

5. Families rent pre-wedding detectives to listen in on prospective brides and grooms.

Indians area unit hiring personal investigators to run a background check on prospective brides and grooms before the marriage. BBC reports that the business is booming for India’s pre-matrimonial detective agencies.

6. Various plenty of grain rot in storage at the same time as thousands die of deficiency disease.

Some half-dozen million tons of India’s grains, worth $1.5 billion, could rot, whereas forty-third of youngsters below the age of 5 area unit lean and three,000 kids reportedly die from malnutrition-related sicknesses each day.

7. Men pay thousands of greenbacks on gold shirts.

Weirdest things that are common in India : Indian businessman Datta Phuge spent $230,888 on a gold shirt. He told the Pune Mirror “I apprehend I’m not the simplest trying man within the world however certainly no girl might fail to be dazzled by this shirt”.

Back in 2011, designer Amitabh Chandel same he created a $93,000 shirt of silk, gold, Associate in Nursingd solitaire diamonds for an Indian patrician.

8. Billionaires build entire skyscrapers and board them as homes.

Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani designed a four hundred,000 area unit, the 27-story building known as Antilla that was calculable to price $1 billion. His family and their employee’s area unit the sole occupants of his home.

9. Bureaucrats write memes to themselves.

Bhaskar Rao, the military officer of police for internal security additionally appointed the military officer guilty of coaching. So, Rao because the military officer of Police, Internal Security Division has taken to writing a letter to himself.

10. Robbers try to steal truckloads of onions.

“I have to be compelled to do my work and there should be consistency in correspondence,” Rao told the Deccan Chronicle. “There area unit times after I have to be compelled to dictate a stern letter to myself because of the delay in res­ponse from myself from the opposite workplace.”

Indian police prevented thieves from taking off with a truck filled with onions. The thieves set to focus on onions as a result of the worth of the vegetable had surged.


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