Things you realize when you got mature?

Maturity comes when you finally realize the value of life. What is the difference between mature and immature people. Mature people know what and when to say, whereas immature people never think before speaking.Things you learn when as you get older.

Things you realize when you get mature.

It’s better to keep silent

In some situations when you explain people more, it doesn’t help. The more you explain, the more they will suspect you. Now a days, people don’t like to get more explanation, it’s better to stay quit when you know the other is not ready to understand you.

Social media is useless

When you are child you don’t know the value of time and waste lots of your time on social media, but when you realize the value of time you stop wasting your precious time on social media. Stop or limit using those apps before you realize the fact.

Friends are not important

Friends are good to have but don’t give that much priorities because you make friends at each stage of your life, your that stage will complete, you’ll move on and they too. But don’t get upset if you all move on, just remember the memories you had with them and smile that it did happen.

It’s OK to be misunderstood.

It’s OK if people don’t understand you, you owe no explanation to anyone. It’s is common to be misunderstood, you are not here to make everyone understand you, but to understand yourself.

Crying doesn’t make you weak.

Crying is the symbol of inner strength, it is the only thing that is heavy yet makes you feel lighter. It doesn’t have to be consider as weakness. Things you realize when you got mature is Crying itself is a form of strength. A strong person cries, then gets up and fights again.

It’s OK to make mistakes

No one is perfect in this world and mistakes doesn’t mean you are failures. Mistakes tell you to do better next time. Life doesn’t come with instructions so it’s fine if you have made mistake. It’s OK to have a bad day, be less than perfect. You will be still you. These are some of the things you realized when you got mature or by your life experience.


  1. It’s the world that has to see what it wants or trouble shows up dress smile and act as they’re satisfied with mind your business not theyes stay out of sight n out of mind be yourself in your own space have fun don’t get caught know Jesus as yourself within and as witness to all things within each and all persons given to life His testimony is yoursalvation or condemnation as you’ve chosen and directed and done in your life this generation marks the end of mankind it shall be forgotten as it had never been, make yourself right to Christ’s awareness as me in yourself he will rescue you tell him your truly sorry about your deeds He will see the truth from your own conscience recognition and proof of repentance all things will be forgiven by truthful acknowledgement of God as I am with Christ in consignee witness of me within each person impress I am as me as He is you always in all ways apologize know him thank him love him and be given eternal life as his wishe’s are given to you by his love of all his children

  2. All things are as they should be in God’s awareness and knowledge and direction of mankind this is a lesson and test and wisdom given in one moment out of an eternity to experiencing much much more of His gifts to all of his ways and things and purposes of His making and ways of our being and designed unimaginable to us of his mind watch out the back window enjoy the ride in fascination remember he’s driving and you’ll be with him in his time of your making for his reasons and the rewards of his love ln making you his

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