Effective ways to make learning a habit.

It is good that you know things but it is not enough. New learning can expand your knowledge and your confidence. Use your potential to seek new knowledge. But if you need to grow, you need to make learning a habit.

“Being ignorant is not much a shame, as being unwilling to learn.”

1. Prepare to learn a list.

Till now we make a to-do list, but now onward try to make to-learn list. Write down your new area of study that will help you and motivate you. Save your ideas and start following one after another.

2. Put into practice.

Only knowing a habit is not enough, in order to keep that habit it is important to practice that daily. Apply it day-to-day life and it will stick with you forever.

3. Make it priority.

Don’t delay to follow your habit. Many of external circumstances can keep you away from you habits, but you need to maintain a balance.  Your desire to be learning should come in priority. Making habit your priority is up to you whether it is useful or not.

4. Be a learning seeker.

Always try to seek opportunity to learn from your surroundings. You will learn a new lesson everyday from life. We need to carry observant eye to seek knowledge in path.

5. Find a mentor.

It is important to have a mentor because he/she already face that stage and can help you to find and follow the right path. You can discuss all your problems and they can help in to find a solution.

6. Read more.

Learn the habit by reading from various places. Read from phone or books or from anywhere that can help you expand your knowledge.

7. Keep intellectual friends.

Spend your time with those people, who keep learning new things, they can guide you. If you know that your colleague has a habit of learning, then you should spend more time with that person.

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