10 things you regret doing in your life

We all talk about regrets in life, but what is regret? A feeling of sadness about something sad or wrong or about a mistake that you have made, and a wish that it could have been different and better. We all have been made mistakes in our life. And there is no one in this world who lives regret-free life.

You can’t change what’s done, but you can avoid the same mistake for future. Because at last nothing has left except to regret. Everyone has their own regrets, there are common regrets we all have.

1. Balance between work and family.

How do you balance between lot of work in office and time with family. We all keep saying to our families that we will make it up to them this weekend, but this “make up” never happens. And when distance will increase between you and loved ones. We keep regretting not to be there when they needed us.

2. Take loved one as “for granted”.

Sometimes we don’t realize how someone means so important for us until we lost them. We take them as for granted, we think that they will never leave us not matter how we treat them, but once they do, we can’t do anything but regret.

3. Worrying about what others thought about me so much.

In the society where we live, we have to think that what others will think of us if do something against them or they don’t like. This fear never let you succeed in your life, for a moment you do what society wants but later you will realize that you could what you really want.

“No one in this world is perfect enough to judge you.”

regrer worrying about others

4. Not having enough confidence.

Related to previous topic, we sometimes become sad and think why we have such a low confidence, because of which others become superior to us and concerns starts matter to us.

Why we let others to judge us? We thought so pity of ourselves. And later we just wish that may be we had more confidence at that time.

5. Be happier more

We all are running in a race of life and forget to live it. It’s OK to work, to earn, be in a competition but because of this competition we forget to live, be happy. Work as long as it can keep you happy and satisfied.

Because when you will become old, then you will regret that you spent your whole life earning the money and being the no. 1  and did’t enjoy those moments a little bit.

regret of not being happy

6. Doesn’t follow your dreams

We all have our dreams that we want to be fulfill. But there are two types of people, ones who try to achieve their dreams ad others who didn’t even try to seek their dreams. And we all know who will be more happy in life. Never thought you can’t do anything, you just have to be confident and keep trying. So that later on you don’t feel regrets that you wish you could at least try.

7. Not taking care of health when had the chance.

No one think of their health until there is a problem. And at that point we promise ourselves that we will take care of our health. But we all know how it will go. Again in work we forget about our health. And regrets later in life when a major calamity gets us. Always give the first priority to your health.

8. Hurt someone

Before you speak, let your words pass through three gates – “Is it True?”, “Is it necessary?”. “Is it kind?”

Words are more powerful weapon a person can have. But the most benefit of them are taken by our anger. We all agree to that, sometimes we said those hurtful words to others that we really don’t mean but at that moment once we said them there is no taking back. Words sometime are more hurtful than a physical injury.

“The tongue is a small thing, but what enormous damage it can do.”

Hurting some is a regret doing in your life

9. Not dare to take risks.

What is the enjoyment of winning when there is no risks. But people are afraid of failing if they took a risk. But let this clear, if you don’t take risks you never know what possibilities will be their of winning or losing.

“If you want something, go for it, take a risk. Don’t always play safe or you’ll die wondering.”

10. Not telling loved ones how you feel

As spending time with your family and friends, make sure you are open and honest with your feelings because yes, it is important. It is not difficult to say “I Love You ” to your love one. This will make them feel special and needed.

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