Daily Morning Exercise Tips

Do you do Daily Morning Exercise? if not! So this article is for you  because in this article it is explained how to do Daily Morning Exercise? And why is Daily Morning Exercise important?Just like daily food is necessary in our life, water is necessary and breathing i.e. oxygen is necessary, similarly Daily Morning Exercise is also very important. Read below to know some of the daily morning exercise tips

Morning Exercise

Some people do not believe that Morning Exercise is necessary but here let me tell you that if we do not eat food for two days, then you will start feeling the result of physical weakness. Similarly, if we do not drink water for a day and if we do not breathe for a few seconds, then we will start feeling the results soon, but the negative consequences of not exercising daily, we do not feel fast, but after a long time we find out that many physical problems Come as.

Daily Morning Exercise tips?

1. While exercising, keep lukewarm water in a bottle and use it only when needed.
2. At least 30 minutes and maximum time you have, definitely take time for Morning Exercise.
3. First exercise with warm up so that your body opens up completely. You must do light jogging to be warm up.
4. After Warm Up, you can do your Main Exercise. Let me tell you which exercises you have to do, it depends on you. By the way, my advice is that you must include Surya Namaskar in those exercises as it is a complete exercise and has many benefits.

Morning Exercise Tips

5. It is a matter of attention that you will not breathe through your mouth while breathing warm up and while doing Main Morning Exercise, rather you will breathe through your nose.
6. While doing Morning Exercise, you should be completely focused on your breath and your exercise. It should not be that you are exercising at home and thinking elsewhere.
7. Sweating must come after exercising, due to this, many toxins come out of your body and your hair follicles start breathing freely.
8. When you have completed your Main Morning Exercise, then you should do one or two such exercises or yoga which will give you rest. For this, you must do 2 to 3 minutes after exercising. After this, Anulom can reverse, Bhramari etc. Now your body will feel completely relaxed and energetic.

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