Live A Life Free of Compromises

“I live my life free of compromises, and step into the shadows without complaint or regret.”- Alan Moore ,an english writer.

 We are born and live for a purpose, and every one of us has different feelings, aims, and goals. In our society, usually, we are taught to compromise over the things which we do not have, loss or cannot get in life.

1. Love what you have.

love what you save - Life Free of Compromises

“Love what you have before life teaches you to love what you’ve lost.”

Whatever you have in life is a blessing from God, and you deserve to have it. Most of the time in life, we ask to compromise about many things for others. This is where you need to learn a life free of compromises by loving the most what you have without agreeing on to leave it for others.

Maybe some people call you selfish for such an attitude but remember that it is not always essential to kill your inner self and heart by compromising what you have or love. Instead of this, be thankful for what you get and do not let others grab it from you on the name of compromise.

2. Never Settle for things you do not like.

Maybe you are forced to do the things in life by others and by circumstances which you may not want to do in actual. This is where you are asked for compromises and do te things against your wishes. If you do so, you will become a functioning member of society instead of a free and happy individual.

Do not compromise your dreams and morals for the sake of others’ happiness as it is not possible to cater to the expectations of every person you interact with.

3. You Deserve to Please Yourself.

“You deserve yo be happy. You deserve to live a life you are excited about. Do not let others make you forget that”

No one love and cares for you as much as you do, and you deserve to find and have real happiness in life instead of leading a compromising life.

You deserve happiness and to please yourself instead of living a life of compromises. Stick to the things which make you happy and try to do the situations in which you find the delight and peace instead of compromising it for others.

4. Live for yourself

Life for yourself Life Free of Compromises

Life Free of Compromises is a gift from God, and we all get it just one time. It is the right of every one of us to live for ourselves. Often people consider it as selfishness, but you should remember the fact that doing the things to benefit others and to compromise your happiness always leave you with empty feelings.

Living for others may give you temporary satisfaction, but to neglect yourself in this pursuit, you will find no happiness for yourself. You must not be absorbed so much in other life that you forget all about your self. Don’t overthink about compromise and look out for your happiness.

5. Do not lower your expectations or Passion.

Your expectations from life direct you towards the effort to gain the things which are worthy and can make you a happy person.

We often see that in the name of compromise, we often compromise our passions or dreams, and consequently, our expectations become low. For example, we often compromise on a job because of the attractive salary even if it is against your expectations or passion.

6. Say no to a miserable life.

A life full of compromises is nothing but a life of misery and emptiness. No one else has the right to own your experience and to manipulate it against your dreams and desires.

Life becomes meaningless if you devoted it entirely for the sake of the happiness of others instead of your own.

You must set your dreams and expectations high and try to attain them in the best possible manner as it will give you a sense of pure happiness which you deserve.