What lessons everyone should learn in life?

Life has so many lessons to teach us. There are few useful lessons everyone should learn.

  1. Good relation is better than being alone in life, but being alone is far more better than bad relationship. Every kind of relationship has it’s own value, but try not to bound with someone forever.
  2.  Never leave your parents when they need you because remember they never did when you needed them.
  3. Personality is not a stone, it is like a mold You can control it and change as you like. It is up to you how you want to represent yourself.
  4. People say “Follow your heart.” But don’t do it in all situations, sometimes you need to “Listen to your heart and act with your brain.” Sometimes there are situations where we have to take stand, in that case our heart become weak and has to take decision with mind.
  5. Never try to choose between love and friendship because both have their own roles to play and have their on priorities.
  6. Try to replace “Sorry” with “Thank You”. For example, instead of saying “Sorry I m late”, try to say “Thank You for waiting.” it sounds more genuine and diplomatic. It is necessary to do when their is your mistake, it will show that you are down to earth.
  7. Never get too close to anyone emotionally, except your parents because may be every love has ends except parent’s love.
  8. People say “Follow your passion”, agree but with a slight modification. Instead believe “Follow your passion only if it is worthwhile”. It will be useless to do hard work when you know that result is not worthy.
  9. We all heard “Time will heal almost every wound.” Give some time and see the change it will not hurt anymore.
  10. Thoughts control your feelings whereas feelings control your actions and your actions control the result and consequences. Positive Thoughts=Positive Results. Your positive vibrations will spread to the world and you will notice that people will be happy around you.
  11. Think before you act. Anger is the greatest enemy of human being, whenever you are angry, just think before taking any actions. And you will see after some time your anger will be gone if you control yourself at that moment.
  12. Stop Complaining. This is life and it is a ride with ups and downs, so enjoy this ride till the end. And make sure this ride will lead you to the beautiful destination.

These are the few lessons everyone should learn. For more interesting facts : Crazy Life Gyan

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