Why you must have a lazy day every week?

Lazy day, Ah finally, the best day of the week. The day where you don’t need to hurry for office, no formals, you can stay in pj’s until its bedtime, lots of fun, eating, dancing and sleeping. My favorite day of the week.  So, why you must have a lazy day every week, let’s see.

1. Get some sleep

get some sleep in lazy day

In daily routine, people are not able to have good sleep because of work pressure, but this stress-free day can allow you to sleep as much as you like. Your body is always going to need to get some sleep. You can rest your body, wake late at Saturday mid-day.

2. You Can Catch Up On What You’ve Missed

lazy day points

Daily work stress doesn’t allow people to spend some time with them. But what lazy day do, it provides as much time as you need to spend on “Series” that you have been saved to watch at this day, matches, movies, etc. or maybe you haven’t talked to your friends from days, you can talk to them now, when you are free.

3. It Might Make Your More Productive

productive after lazy day

When some people want to be lazy and do nothing, others find this day as an opportunity to do something more interesting and productive. They use their brain and create something innovative, which is I think is best thing to do on lazy day.

4. You Get To Spend Much Needed Time With Your family

 time for family lazy day

We all know how much people spend their time with their families. Parents, wife/husband, children, all wait for this one day that their loved ones at least give this day to them, which I think is right to expect. Family time will increase the bonding and warmth you.

5. Its Good For Your Body

Your whole body- every muscle and every bone – gets a rest which, during a very busy work week, can be the best thing you can give you yourself. Sometime you all wish to do nothing and just have rest, it happens because your body asking for rest and you are not able to give that. But its okay you have one day and it is not wrong is you do nothing in a whole day.

6. Its Good For The Mind

If you give rest to your body, your mind will also need rest. Every day is hectic and stressful as usual, but you get one day to release all that stress from your mind. Be chill, see some movies, Netflix, go out with friends and have fun, because we all deserve to be relax and happy.

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