I just turned 25. What are the best pieces of life advice for me?

As we all know, 25 is a hell of an age. The fact is you’re still young, still an idiot, may be, you still wear skinny jeans, and it’s still acceptable to spend Sundays eating cold pizza in your bed, but also you are not at all young. May be you have one or two grey hair or may be more, be little mature.

Anyways, death is getting closer and we all are moving forwards to it day by day. Your choices for your life may be different now, your dressing sense, likes, dislikes all changed now, may be. But what never changes is you and your spirit. So here the few interesting ideas that can help you to be a better person.

1. Learn Something New

This world has so many things that we can learn and apply in our life. There are so many lessons a person can learn from life. At your age you have so much stamina and skills to learn and try new things like sports, any art. You can try new kinds of food, new religion.

“Invest your energy into something that is going to contribute to your growth.”

2. Get Some Basic Home-Maintenance Skills

You need to fix few problems by yourself like bulb’s fusion, plumbing, plugs replacement etc, You’re 25 now and you should know the solutions  without taking helps from others on a small matters. 

3. Do Something You've Always Wanted to Do

Everyone has a dream that they want to be real, but few don’t able to make it because of family pressure or work load and may be many other reasons. But you have one life and you have right to do whatever you want, so try to make your dreams real. Don’t let world stop you.

“You know all those things you’ve always wanted to do? You should go do them.” 

4.Learn to Cook at Least One Decent Meal

Cooking is very important for a person, may be not a perfect cook but a few descent dishes that can help when there is no one else to cook. And also said by ancestors

“The path to someone’s heart passes through the stomach.”

You can easily win someone’s heart by your of cooking. And yes, girls like those boys who can cook.

5. Never Let Your Battery Die

People of age 25 have to work hard and keep dragging their life with these work load. Don’t able to sleep proper, eat proper, enjoy proper. But all of this are also part of life, sleeping, eating, enjoying. You need to charge yourself by doing exercise and all those stuff that can make you feel fresh and happy.


You are just 25 so get over with it, enjoy your life full of happiness and embrace the world, learn something new every day. Celebrate each day of your life.

I hope you’d like it. 

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