How to Make Yourself Stick to a Habit?

People are too lazy and nervous when it comes to building habits. Why you don’t stick to a habit:

  • Habit is too difficult to follow.
  • You don’t enjoy by following it.
  • More than one habit at a time
  • Changes in routine

But you can stick to a habit if you follow these rules:

1. One habit at a time

Don’t try to follow so many habits(stick to habits one at a time ) because of which you can’t be able to stick to at least one. Don’t do fitness habits, social habit and so on at the same time, just follow one. It is an incredibly important rule to follow so don’t forget this rule.

“The one way to avoid abandoning new habits is to only adopt one at a time.” 

2. A Tiny habit

Don’t worry about the results while forming a habit. Choose small habits and practice that every day. Eventually, you’ll see the results. Whatever you think you should do cut it in half. What tiny habit means that can be possible to do once a day that takes you less than 30 seconds and that requires little effort.

3. Once a Day.

You believe that you can change you entire diet all at once. Do one habit in a day may be once or twice. Once the habit is ingrained, you can expand that, but wait at least 3 weeks before you even consider that. If it is effective than continue it otherwise leave it.

4. Focus on Starting.

The most important to build a habit is to start it and this step is the most difficult to do. We are not talking about one or two days, it has to follow a minimum of 1 month once you stick to your habit minimum one month, later you’ll run a marathon.

5. Enjoy Doing It.

It’s important to get positive feedback from your habit and once you get it you will enjoy it. There is a difference between enjoying something or doing forcefully. When you enjoy the habit, it will benefit you but if you do it forcefully, it will not provide you any benefits. Focus on the positive aspects of it.

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