How to handle unexpected situations gracefully?

Life throws unexpected things at us all the time. In our there will be always the situations that can come to us without notice. Whenever there is a small or a big problem there are two approaches. One is to take that particular problem as a threat and the other is to take it as a challenge. When you are afraid of any circumstance your coping skills reduces. Also, extremely harmful cortisol hormones are released. But when you take the same situation as a challenge then your coping skill increases. You can even do what seems impossible. So there are few techniques how you can handle the circumstances gracefully.

1. Keep calm and patience

Whenever there is a situation you think is not in control the first step is to be calm and think. And analyse the reasons behind the situation. No matter how much the big problem is, you should stay calm to manage the things properly.

But if you panic or stressed it will only make the situations worse. Because of which the problem will increase instead of reducing. You need to learn to handle them with patience.

“Stable mind is a result of having perfect balance in life and profession.”

handle unexpected situations gracefully

2. Take situation as a challenge instead of threat.

More you are afraid from problem more they seem big. So believe in yourself and take it as a challenge because we human beings love to face challenges. The situations challenge you to “Face Yourself”. Because as we all know “Difficulties strengthen the mind, as labour to the body.

Face it, Fight it and Finish it.

Whenever there is any challenge – be it health, finance or work tell yourself that I am going to take it as a challenge.

Greet it, Meet it and Beat it.

During difficult situations remember these 3 phrases – Greet it, Meet it and Beat it.

Instead of being afraid of a situation and avoiding it, greet it. Say ‘hello, welcome’. Every situation has a demand, so meet that demand. Ultimately beat it.

Work on these small things and you will see big problems getting solved. Whatever happens in your life always, always think positively.

3. Try to make right plans.

You can’t ignore the problem but can solve them with proper planning and strategy. You need to be active mentally and physically. Every problem has a solution you just need to pay attention and be active. he panic and stress will give you nothing, but your productive thought or strategies can do a lot. Consider why this happens and now what should you do to make the things better rather than making them more chaotic.

4. Be Positive

You have read many books on be positive but never get to understand the true meaning. Positive thinking is to find something good in a very bad situation. Just believe that ending will be happy always.

Stay positive and courageous and remember all those events when you were in bad situations and resolved everything suitably.

This will boost you to go in right way out from unfavourable situations. You can beat the negative impacts of unfavourable conditions very well with your inner strength, power, and stability. If you learn to manage yourself in difficult circumstances, they will start losing their adverse effects on you.

“Everyday makes the choice to be positive. No matter what happens tell yourself, I will remain positive. This is need of time.”

5. Response but don’t react.

There is a huge difference between a reaction and a response.

reaction comes from an automatic part of the brain. It is almost like a reflex. Reactions are very quick, especially when we feel threatened in some way. But a response is something you consciously choose to do based on a more thoughtful assessment of a situation.

By pausing and taking time to think, you give yourself a window of opportunity to pick a better option. practicing deep breathing and counting to 10 can help restrain a reaction long enough to choose a better response. If you are a very visual person you may even imagine yourself aiming a remote control at the situation and pushing the pause button. Practicing mindfulness on a regular basis is another great way to increase your ability to pause before acting.

6. Trust Yourself

The best and the only way for you to overcome the situation when you believe in yourself. Keep telling yourself that “I can do it and I will.” Nothing is I possible in this world that you can’t do.

Believing in others is easy but believing in yourself is a real challenge.” Once you overcome this challenge that nothing can stop you.

unexpected situations


The fact must be kept in view that in life you have to face such situations. Sometimes, these situations can be life-shaking or a source of much stress. Still, you have to be patient and choose to handle the unexpected situation gracefully. People who have excellent skills in dealing with such events in life are the strongest one.

Are you ready to face challenges?

Let me know how you guys handle the situations. Share your experience with us.

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