How To Control Your Anger Before It Controls You

“Holding onto anger is like poison drinking person and expecting other person to die.”

We all get angry, but getting angry isn’t the problem. The problem is when your anger starts controlling you, your anger start becoming the reason of your misbehavior and overtakes your perspective and reasoning. Did this ever happen to you? If yes, then I hope this article will help you because you need to control your anger before it controls you.

1. Go on a walk.

Whenever you feel hurt or angry just take some time away from everyone and go out for a walk. This will relax your muscles and nerves. Your anger could hurt anybody at that moment whether physically or mentally and later you will realize what damage you have been made so take precautions before. Do something outdoor like walking, biking and playing, sports anything you like, do exercise as much as you can. This will cool your mind and give peace to your soul.

Go for a walk for control your anger and stress

2. Response

There is nothing wrong with anger, it’s just a sign that you are hurt. We all do but that doesn’t mean we will do the same with others in response, this will make no difference between us and them, we will as just guilty as they are. So, better is to accept that anger and push it away. How you can do that? It is simple, just smile in front of them and step back and don’t respond them because at that moment you may only said badly and make the situation worst.

“Silence is the best answer to anger.”

controlling your anger with response

3. Use of Humor

Lightening up can help in diffusing tension and anger.

Use you sense of humor to face what’s making you angry and to let go the unrealistic expectations you have for how things should go. Avoid sarcasm, obviously, it could make situations worse. We all know laughter is the best medicine for any problem, so why not try this on anger.

“Humor is almost always with its make-up on.”

use of humor Control Your Anger

4. Take a breather

Whenever you are angry, your breath and heartbeats get high and that’s definitely not a good sign. So, try to reverse the process, take a deep breath for several moments and make your heartbeat normal, this is a symbol of you getting angry to normal. Take slow and deep breaths from your nose and exhale out of your mouth. Deep breaths are like little love notes for your body.

“Take a deep breath, it’s just a bad day, not a bad life.”

take deep breath for anger management

5. Repeat a mantra

Find a word or a phrase that could help you to distract and control your anger. What I use is “I am peaceful soul, I am pure soul.” This helps me a lot. It keeps reminding me that I am good no matter how everything and everyone is bad and I have to be in my best position. You can create your own mantra that you think can hold you and calm you. But keep it in mind that never said “I am not angry.” because it will keep reminding you that you are or were angry, instead keep saying that “I am peaceful person.” this will keep reminding you that you are peaceful and your anger will vanish. Repeat a mantra around 3-5 times and see the magic.

repeat Control Your Anger

6. Write in your journal

Do you keep a journal? If not, it’s okay, no problem. Write your thoughts of anger either in a journal or on a paper, it will help you to be calm and relax as you write all your negative thoughts and nothing is left in your mind. I also don’t have a journal so what I do is write everything on a paper like I was talking to someone and then burn that paper like I burn my negative thoughts.

write journal for Controlling Your Anger

How you’d like to control your anger?

Everyone has different ways to control their anger but make sure your techniques don’t affect anyone else. So Try to control your anger before it controls you. How you people handle your anger. Let us know so that others can also opt the same ways.

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