How do you know if someone is mature or not?

Maturity doesn’t mean age. It means sensitivity, manners and how you react. When believing learn to manage your life that’s mean you are mature enough.

Comfortable being Alone

When people start believing that they don’t need anyone to feel comfortable, they become mature at that moment. At some point you start realizing that being alone, have some quality time is also necessary, it is important to give time for yourself.

Accept Differences

They accept the fact that all people are different and have different opinions. They don’t need to think the same as everyone does. They can point out their own opinion and respect others too.

“Learn to be open-minded and respectful to people’s opinions, even when you don’t agree.”

Emotional Independence

Mature people don’t have to be depending on their parents or anyone, emotionally or financially. They can make their own life decisions and make their parents proud because parents taught you to be hardworking not to be dependent.

Treating Others Right

They don’t make fun of others, don’t put someone down because that’s not how they get their self-esteem. They treat everyone equally and never think anyone below or above them. They are confident in themselves.

“Do right, do your best. Treat others as you want to be treated.”

Taking Responsibility

They don’t blame others if they fail. They took full responsibility for their failure and try to improve the condition rather than complaining. They shut up and swallow their pride and accept that they are wrong. It’s not giving up, it’s called growing up.

Listening more than Talking

The reason why people were given a pair of ears and just one tongue is so they could listen more and then they could talk. Immature people never listen, they are simply waiting to talk.

When you talk you, are repeating what you already know, but when you listen, you can learn something new.

Mature Conversations

Mature people talk more about the deepest meaningful topics about life and nature with a sense of wonder and curiosity whereas immature people talk about childish and stupid topics.

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