6 Home Remedies for Stretch Marks

Stretch marks additionally referred to as striae, happen once your skin changes form chop-chop because of growth or weight gain. They aren’t a symbol that something is wrong along with your health.

Both men and ladies will get stretch marks. Pregnancy and puberty are the 2 commonest times in life to urge stretch marks.

At first, a striation can seem like a skinny red or purple line on your skin that takes on a special texture than the encompassing skin layer. Eventually, most stretch marks fade and attack a lighter or virtually semitransparent coloring, and become shiny.

Following are the home remedies to get rid of stretch marks :

Vitamin A

Vitamin A- Stretch marks

Vitamin A is mentioned as a retinoid. Retinoids create skin seem sander and younger. They’re utilized in several over-the-counter topical cosmetic creams.

Simply employing a topical extract of fat-soluble vitamin, or taking fat-soluble vitamin orally, will contribute to your skin’s health and overall look. A diet made in certain foods, like carrots and sweet potatoes, may additionally assist you to increase your fat-soluble vitamin levels.


 sugar for removing strecth marks

Some people swear by sugar as a naturopathic microdermabrasion method.

Microdermabrasion performed by a dermatologist is one of the few clinically proven methods to make stretch marks fade. So this home remedy seems worth a try.

Aloe vera

Rid of Stretch Marks

While little clinical evidence exists for aloe vera as a stretch mark cure, pure aloe vera is both a natural healing agent and a skin softener. This makes it an ideal home remedy to try for stretch marks.

Apply pure aloe vera from a plant to your stretch marks daily after your shower.

Hyaluronic acid

Rid of Stretch Marks 4

Collagen is the protein in your skin that allows it to keep its shape and appear healthy. As we age, collagen decreases in our face and our bodies.

Collagen production can be simulated rusted Source with hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid can be absorbed by consuming a capsule or extract.

Coconut oil

Cocunut oil stretch marks

Since stretch marks area unit scarring from skin harm, coconut oil might facilitate heal the looks quickly.

Coconut oil has been studied trusted Source for its healing properties and was found in rats to cut back the time it takes for skin wounds to heal.

Applying virgin oil to your stretch marks daily may exclude a number of their red look. Unless you’re allergic to coconuts, this oil is taken into account safe.

Other treatments

Laser therapy, needling, and microdermabrasion are three clinical treatments for stretch marks.

Microdermabrasion involves exfoliating the skin in a way that at-home remedies cannot. Research has shown that microdermabrasion improved the appearance of stretch marks.

Needling, which is a relatively new treatment in which collagen is injected underneath the top layer of your skin, may also trust Source to be effective.

These above home redemies willl help you to get rid of stretch marks.