8 Tips for Learning Any New Skill Fast

If you want to stand up in this fast-paced world and gain new opportunities, the only way is to learn new skills. We always keep learning all the time, whether its for personal growth, keeping up with new developments around us or just for the fun and experience of learning something new.  So, here a few tips for learning new skill, fast.

1. Determine why and commit to the decision

Knowing what you want to learn as a new skill, is very important.It will help you determine your approach to learning new things, the level of expertise you require and mostly, it will provide the motivation that keeps you going when things get difficult.

Before learning something new you need to determine what is the importance of that new skill.

2. Know the clear goal and back them with a plan

A goal is not just a dream you write on paper. Writing down your goal is a demonstration your commitment to it and the first step to taking action. Once you’ve written down your goals, then it is important to determine how you will achieve those goals. In other words, you need an action and active plan. Prepare your schedule, resources and requirements.

3. Take help from mentor

As we are learning, so its better to help from someone who already know that skills. It would be easier for you to learn as you know all the steps to complete your learning.

4. Focus on the sub-skills

If there is any reason you are not able to get your mentor, then there are many other options too that can help you. There are many data and resources that are available in the market like e-books and videos. But the condition is you have to research yourself.

5. Remove barriers from your way

Every success comes with difficulties. If the path of learning something is tricky so be it. You need to face that difficulty, analyse the reason and find out the solution through which you can cross that barrier.

“If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere.”

6. Set your deadline

Setting a time limit is symbol of a successful person. Every learning is need to be done in particular time limit. Longer you give your time in learning, more you will end up loosing your time for learning something else.

7. Believe you can learn

Believe is the most important tool to achieve something. Before start learning a skill you need to believe in yourself that you can do it. Believe that no matter what you have to finish learning.

8. Practice

Only learning is not enough to achieve a goal, you need to practice that too. Practice can be repetitive and boring but practicing is the only way to learn a skill permanently.


Learning is easy but the difficult part is to remember and apply it. Keep learning no matter how difficult is to learn it.

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