Ways to Improve Decision Making Skills

Decision making is a talent of sorted people. A stressed person was never being able to make the right decision. This problem is faced mostly by our youth. People’s decision totally depends on their thoughts, whether it’s negative or positive. Positive thoughts always lead you to the right path and negative thoughts, we all know what they did.

But people can improve their decision-making skills in life by following the tips given below:

1. Get some arts and culture in your life

decisions improve in life

Arts and culture is that creativity that live in different ways in different people and it is not too difficult to learn few arts and culture of different regions, no one is asking to spend whole day on that, just three hours in a week is sufficient. This will increase your concentration power and yes, boost your mood and we all know good mood always lead to good decision. I personally feel sophisticated and feel stuck, I usually dance and relax my mind and boost up my mood and everything is solved then.

2. Develop your programming or language skills

develop skills for effective decision making quality

To exercise a different parts of the brain you need to work on it technically. You can focus on learning foreign languages, writing skills, and computer languages. This is beneficial because you can have added skill in your CV and can make decisions in different fields as well.

3. Hang out with people of all ages

hangout for taking decision with differrent age of people

According to me this one is the best technique. When you hang out with people of all ages, you learn their new perspective which is a lot different from yours and you can understand them. This will help you to make better future planning or know the mistakes you have done in past.

4. Exercise

exercise for decision making

Volleyball, basketball or any other sports that you feel comfortable in, do it! Meet new people, play a match with them, this will make you physically and mentally strong. As in a healthy body is a healthy spirit. Your body will be relaxed and you will be able to make better decisions.

5. Get experimental with your cooking

get experimental  for easy decision making

You don’t like cooking? I suggest try it. Spend your Saturday morning to be in the kitchen and learn to cook. As well said by our ancestors that whenever you do cooking put your positive thoughts in it and that thoughts will transfer to others by your cooking. One can only do if they are having a good mood. So people always remember to have a good mood before cooking and learn to balance their decisions.

6. Get social online

getting social - action plan for decision improving

Be social but for a limited time, remember you have to take care of your health too. So, be online and watch all big shows and flash mobs and you will feel a part of it and when it comes to making decisions in reality shows you will be able to make decisions. You get to experience too and you can draw up the decision in your real life too. I know it’s stupid but it really works.

7. Write down the pros and cons

pros nd cons

Yeah, this one is my one of the favorite, whenever you get confused in making decisions, write down its pros and cons and results will clear your thoughts. Simple!

I hope you like this article. Which one is your favorite action plan to improve decision-making skills, please comment it down.

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