10 Surprising Things You Should Never Do Just After Wake Up

“The quality of your habits determine the quality of life,” Stacey Morgenstern, co-founder of Health Coach Institute, tells Bustle. “Consider which of these you’re willing to commit to and just start at the beginning when you first wake up. It may feel strange at first because you have to interrupt the old habits, but soon the new habits will crowd out the old, and you may find yourself having more and more bright-eyed, focused, healthy, happy mornings.” Below are the things you should never do just after wake up.

1. Hit snooze

Hit snooze

When the alarm pops, launch yourself out of bed and proactively greet the day,” says Morgenstern. Not solely will pressing snooze cause stress and guilt, however, it may leave you feeling a lot of tired than once you initially awoke.  In order to stop your sleep cycle from beginning over, and you feel lethargic as a result, try and arrange to the primary alarm, as troublesome because it is also.

2. Check Social Media


So many people check their social media first issue within the morning to induce the most recent gossip, news and family/friends happenings, however, this may leave you feeling stressed. “Remember, you’re starting off a relaxed sleep and once you directly bombard your brain with an excessive amount of input, your body will become stressed,” Dr. Davidd Friedman tells Bustle. “Ignore your phone till you are on your resolution the door, once you’ve showered, dressed, devoured breakfast and your mind is a lot of alerts.”

3. Drink Coffee

Drink coffee

If you are a low drinker, you’ll be wanting to attend a small amount before you pour yourself a cup. “The sheer activity of wakening elevates your hydrocortisone levels to start out with,” health coach Kristen Battistelli tells Bustle. “Drinking a morning cup of joe can simply cause you to restive and hyper-alert, and confuse your body’s natural hydrocortisone observance system, resulting in a day crash later.

4. Choose Breakfast Options Without Protein

breakfast without protein

Something sort of a bun or bun may be a fast possibility, however, it will cause AN energy crash later within the day. “Although these foods might provide you with a fast jolt of energy, it’ll seemingly be followed by a glucose crash that could leave you feeling a lot of hungry and asleep, to not mention a touch foggy and [potentially] ill-tempered as you roll into work,” says Morgenstern. “Instead, eat prime quality proteins and fats for a long-lived supply of energy to stay you targeted and productive.”

5. Make Your Bed Right Away

Although it’s smart to create your bed and straighten out before you permit the house, you do not wish to create your bed the second you rouse. deed your bed unmade initially can facilitate kill dirt mites, as they thrive during a dampish setting. deed your bed unmade for a small amount will facilitate any wet dry out.

6. Watch TV

Watching tV

If your instinct is to achieve right for that remote, you would possibly wish to reconsider, particularly if you wish to tune in to the news within the morning. “It’s simply noise and negativity, aimed to induce your hydrocortisone levels pumping — not thy thanks to beginning the day when a relaxing night’s sleep,” says Battistelli. “Aim to possess quiet time within the morning and maintain a way of peace and calm for as long as attainable before the day begins.”

Leave Your Blinds Closed

Although it would be tempting to induce prepared within the dark to let your eyes alter, you must let some lightweight in as shortly as you rouse. “Don’t keep the curtains and blinds closed,” life coach Kirkland Shave tells Bustle. “Early morning daylight sets our unit of time clock and ups our natural unleash of hydrocortisone to place the U.S. on our game for all those choices and concentration needs at work.”

Twisting and Bending Your Body

Twisting and Bending

It feels smart to stretch your body move into the morning, however,, avoid something too aggressive. “During sleep, your spinal discs absorb fluid as a part of a natural rehydration method,” health and upbeat coach Jeffrey Siegel tells Bustle. “This causes the discs to expand, that is why you’ll really be many centimeters taller within the morning. However, this activity conjointly limits the movement of the vertebrae and causes the spine to stiffen. As a result, flexing and bending once you initial wakeup isn’t solely tougher however doubtless dangerous.” Move gently right once you rouse to avoid any injuries.

Go Straight to Your To-Do List

Go Straight to Do List

Treat your initial waking hour as a sort of moving meditation. whereas you are brushing your teeth or taking a shower, avoid pondering what is ahead. “Don’t rely on your tasks, deadlines, pressures, or calendar,” leadership skilled Steve Farber tells Bustle. “Instead, let your thoughts and awareness move to the individuals and things in your life that you’re grateful for.”

Make Too Many Decisions

Make the small choices concerning your day before you move to the bed. “Having a routine in situ lets your brain work a small amount on autopilot within the morning, which means that you’re not sporting down your brain early within the day with ‘decision fatigue,’ says Battistelli. “You don’t wish to waste every day’s finite quantity of energy and brainpower on silly things like ‘What ought to I wear today?’ or ‘When can I be able to exercise?”

10 things You Should Never Do Just After Wake Up