Why North Korea hasn’t reported any Coronavirus Cases?

north koria coronavirus

It’s now about two months since a deadly novel coronavirus was found in the Chinese city of Wuhan, and nearly every country and territory in East Asia has confirmed a case. But not North Korea. Why North Korea hasn’t reported any Coronavirus cases? Why they are not infected with the Coronavirus Epidemic? Is there something in their genes which is protecting them?

Or there may be a case of infection but not diagnosed yet.

What is Coronavirus?

One of the world’s poorest countries has, according to its public statements, managed to avoid the virus despite the fact that in neighboring mainland China, it has killed more than 600 people and infected more than 31,000.

More than 300 people have tested positive for the virus in over 25 places around the world. including the other two countries that share a land border with North Korea — Russia and South Korea.

In fact, every country and territory within a 1,500-mile radius of North Korea, except for sparsely populated Mongolia, has confirmed a case.

It’s unclear how North Korea has been able to avoid the virus. Pyongyang has either been very lucky, isn’t saying something, or is reaping one of the few benefits of being a so-called “hermit nation.”

Researchers are still trying to determine how the virus spreads, but it is not believed to be airborne. It’s also unclear if the virus can spread via feces or if infected patients without symptoms can pass it on to others.

But Nam suspects a Chinese patient could have infected someone from North Korea across their shared border.

Confirmed coronavrius cases

“We know that the Chinese regions close to the North Korean border, such as Dandong and Shenyang, have confirmed patients. About 90% of North Korean trade is with China and we know so many people, trucks and trains passed through the border between the two nations before North Korea installed recent regulations” to stop the virus from getting into the country.

Despite not publicly acknowledging any confirmed or even suspected cases. North Korea has been uncharacteristically transparent regarding its efforts to combat the virus. It appears the country is taking the epidemic very seriously, according to reports in state-run news service KCNA

What are the precautions against this Coronavirus?

Some Facts About North Corea:

North Korea is considered one of the world’s most reclusive and secretive states, and information about everything from its top leadership under leader Kim Jong Un to daily life outside the capital of Pyongyang is notoriously hard to come by.

While most countries announce senior government appointments, like a new foreign minister,. North Korea often does not — and experts are often required to sleuth through state media and external sources for clues.

The country’s healthcare sector, historically, is no different. North Korea has never formally acknowledged how many died during its devastating 1990s famine. Experts estimate as many as 2 million people may have been killed. And those who fled the country at the time shared horrific stories of death and survival.

“North Korea has such a limited supply of basic medicine that public health officials need to focus on preventative medicine. They would be ill-equipped to deal with any kind of epidemic. Said by Jean Lee, the director of the Hyundai Motor-Korea Foundation Center at the Washington-based Woodrow Wilson Center.

Whatever may be the reason, but the non-detected Coronavirus infection cases from North Corea has shocked the whole world.