What should I do to make my girlfriend happy?

Want your girlfriend happy? If you are in a relationship and you really wanna make her happy. Then Crazy Life Gyan gives you some points which will surely gonna help you out.

Listen To Her:

It’s become a familiar cliche: Men don’t listen, and there’s not much that can be done about it. Sou always listens to her carefully because girls have 6 senses and they can easily notice if you are not listening to her conversation properly.

listen my girlfriend


Yeah! Girls love the gift too much. The gift doesn’t mean you buy something expensive you can gift them something small things which will make your girlfriend happy. Example: Earrings, Gloves 🧤 in winters, chocolates.

gifts for girlfriends

Take her to drive:

Just randomly call her and bring her somewhere like a park or take her to a long ride. It will definitely make her day.

long drive

Call her:

Call her and say you love her Sometimes call her randomly and just say how much you love her 😍 she will feel good because when a boy suddenly says this kind of words it makes your girlfriend happy 😊. Just try this and tell us in the comments.

call your girlfriend

If she is on her periods don’t fight with her:

Instead, bring some chocolates for her. Understand that she is going through changes. Fighting isn’t an option.

don't fight with girlfriend

Never ever cheat her:

If you know she loves you truly never let her go. Shower all your love upon her. Never be a cheater.

never cheat

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